NCAA Championship

NCAA Championship: Playoff National Championship is a college football bowl game that will determine the national champion in the NCAA Division 2019 NCAA Tournament.time, TV channel, live stream for NCAA championship game

Arike Ogunbowale’s buzzer beaters were far from the first in the history of the NCAA women’s tournament. But they might have been the most visible, for any number of reasons: one sealed Notre Dame’s victory over the monolith UConn (just as Morgan William’s had the year prior), and the second was among the most perfect and improbable shots in recent basketball history, period. There was also the fact alone that there were two of them.

At a moment when video has rarely been more important or easy to distribute, her buckets went viral. A year later, ESPN used them as the centerpiece of this year’s NCAA tournament promotions, promising heart-stopping action to a degree that seemed potentially impossible to match. Had Ogunbowale and the Fighting Irish set too high of a precedent?

On Monday night, Virginia or Texas Tech will become men’s basketball national champions. It is the first championship game with a combined no national title appearances since the first encounter of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, when Michigan State defeated Indiana State in the 1979 NCAA championship.

There has not been a first-time winner since Florida won the first of back-to-back championships in 2006. But that will all change on Monday.

These two teams are two of the best defensive teams in the country, but let’s dive into some of the key areas of each team and see who has the edge

NCAA women’s basketball tournament

Overall, women’s college basketball has become undeniable proof that if you think women’s basketball is boring, you must not be watching it. The competition on the sport’s biggest stage has improved to the point where there’s no reason why it shouldn’t get the exact same consideration as the men’s tournament. It was inevitable — the longer the women’s side of the sport exists, the more girls will play; more girls playing means more competition to get to the next level, which in turn means that there are more, better players at the college level than ever before.

Even if the explanation is straightforward, it doesn’t make the shift any less significant. “What we’re seeing is a lot more parity in women’s basketball in general,” ESPN’s Maria Taylor told the Washington Post earlier this year. “Girls are starting to play sooner. They’re playing AAU on very talented teams, playing more specialized ball and getting in systems that fit them.”

National Championship Game 2019

National Championship Game 2019: The 2019 National Championship game will be decided on Monday night with a showdown of defense-first teams. The Virginia Cavaliers and the Texas Tech Red Raiders face off during Monday’s men’s national championship game.